Most nonprofit organizations need assistance from time to time. Challenges vary widely and change throughout an organization’s life span.  The following are just examples of common issues.  If any of these problems sound familiar to you, customized and affordable services can be created to turn your challenges into opportunities.

    • You are lost on the journey to achieve your mission and you need a road map to get there.
    • Your organization has donor fatigue–  the same individuals attending the same events, year after year, with few results.
    • You are on your third development director in three years, struggling to hire and retain high quality staff and determine appropriate accountability for them.
    • You are constrained by time and staffing to turn your fresh and creative ideas into positive outcomes.
    • You are struggling to set priorities and maximize results.
    • Your communication materials need to be more compelling, you are not a strong writer, and you don’t have the time it takes to generate high quality materials.